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  • KAIKEN Wines & Cases

    KAIKEN Malbec & Cabernet Sauvignon

    KAIKEN is a fine wine, produced in a wonderful setting. It's the result of the long established traditions of Chile and Argentina and the expertise of wine producers from these two nations. Situated in the Mendoza wine region of Argentina, KAIKEN wine is produced from only the best grapes grown by estates and growers in the immediate vicinity.

    KAIKEN is Montes Wines Argentinean wine offering and one of its most notable labels. Although a Chilean wine producer at heart, Montes sought the perfect growing conditions of the Mendoza region for KAIKEN and hasn't looked back since. This distinctive dual-nationality gives KAIKEN wine the very best of the Chilean and Argentinean wine producing traditions.

    Whilst KAIKEN produce a wonderful selection of wine varieties and varietals, it is perhaps best known for its Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon; both of these grapes are hugely representative of Argentina's wine industry and have been the focus of KAIKEN, most commonly found within KAIKEN Ultra and Reserve wine varieties. Both of these flagship wines are offered here at The Fine Wine Company either as individual bottles or in cases. In addition to the Ultra and Reserve, we also have a wide variety of other KAIKEN wines and cases of wine available including red and white wines such as Mai and the KAIKEN Terroir Series case.

    KAIKAN is made by passionate individuals who inject expertise as every step, with the end result being a collection of fabulous wines that adhere to KAIKEN's own philosophy, to produce "wines with true character, personality, elegance and expression".