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  • Jeffrey Grosset, Grosset45, NV 50cl Bottle

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    Distillery: Jeffrey Grosset
    ABV: 45
    Bottle/ Can Size: 50cl
    Quantity: 1 Bottle 50cl
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    Delivery usually takes 7 - 10 working days Jeffrey Grosset’s fascination with the ancient art of distillation has led to the creation of a unique spirit from riesling. From the basic premise that only by starting with the very best ingredients can something truly sublime be created, Grosset used organically grown riesling grapes from the Grosset estate to produce a wine exclusively for distillation. His determination to use only the highest quality wine and to distill that wine just once (as opposed to the common practice of double-distillation to remove impurities) means that the spirit retains the subtle perfume and character of the wine. There are no botanicals used, nor is there colour or flavour added; the result is a unique spirit that is 100% pure. Grosset45 can be enjoyed as a digestive; to be consumed after dinner ‘straight from the freezer’ (as suggested by Matthew Jukes, UK wine and spirit expert). Or it can be added to the following cocktails and drinks that have been specially created around this unique spirit.